This is the online report of the ASCluster project. It provides a detailed discussion of the project and its findings, including an account of the design, development and deployment of the cluster, the analysis and implementation. It discusses the constituent projects and how they were integrated; user scenarios and use cases; design of the system and interface; limitations; details of the system architecture and query language.

The report is divided into five main sections:

  • Research and Planning. The ideas and initial reseach that took place before implementation, including user scenarios, modelling and interface design.
  • Building the System. Details of the implementation and deployment of the Cluster.
  • Future Possibilities. Some areas in which the Cluster could be enhanced, or parts of the Cluster technology used by other projects.
  • Appendices. UML Diagrams for all of the models described in the report.
  • Bibliography.

By Peter A. Stokes and Geoffroy Noël.