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The Cluster allows us to search across all of the different projects, combining the information in those projects to give much more detailed and refined searches than would be possible for any one project. It does this in two stages:

  1. First, it sends all the search criteria to all the projects. Each project then applies all the criteria that it can, and sends back to the Cluster a list of charters which match the criteria that the project has been able to apply.
  2. The Cluster then takes these lists from the projects, and finds those charters which match all the criteria.

This has some important implications for searching, for which see especially Invalid Searches.


Example Searches

The examples below give some idea of the sorts of things which are possible in the Cluster. To understand what is not possible, please see the discussion of project Limitations.

Search Projects Searched Link
Give me all the charters with bounds of land in Canterbury eSawyer, LangScape Search now
Give me all charters issued with bounds for land in Oxfordshire during Cnut's reign which are attested by Earl Leofric of Mercia eSawyer, LangScape, PASE Search now
Give me all charters for land with bounds in Gloucestershire eSawyer, LangScape Search now
Give me all the archives containing charters which records grants to Harold Godwineson. eSawyer, PASE Search now
Give me the curses in all charters issued by King Alfred from the archive of Winchester, Old Minster. ASChart, eSawyer, PASE Search now
Give me all surviving manuscripts containing charters with invocations issued by King Cenwulf of Mercia. ASChart, eSawyer Search now
Give me all the dating clauses in the Winchester Old Minster cartulary. [Note that this only holds for charters issued before A.D. 900] eSawyer, ASChart Search now
List all estates with surviving bounds granted to bishop Ælfstan by King Edward 'the Martyr'. eSawyer, LangScape, PASE Search now
List all the kings who issued grants of land with bounds in Worcestershire. LangScape, PASE Search now